"Science today is so important for our existence, life and society that knowing how to understand and narrate it, is fundamental."

Andrea Brunello - artistic director Arditodesìo


Society is facing immense challenges whose solutions, complex and multifaceted, require radical and disruptive innovation in all human systems. This innovation will depend to a large extent on science and its acceptance within society. It is therefore essential that science is connected in a deep and competent way with a non-technical audience. Theatre, storytelling and other art forms are powerful tools, universal languages that are useful in provoking engaging and incisive emotional reactions. Arditodesìo uses these languages to generate an empathetic and stimulating communication of science.

Our main focus is the communication of science, understood in a sense that increasingly embraces numerous branches of knowledge. The tools Arditodesìo uses as channels for communicating and narrating science fall into four main areas:
- theatre: performances and augmented lectures;
- festival: Theatre of Wonder and other artistic directions;
- training: science storytelling, courses for adults and children and JPT digital;
- projects: European and national.

Arditodesìo was founded in 2002, the name tells of the "daring desire" to create and make theatre while maintaining the utmost integrity of both content and art. Since 2012, in collaboration with the Laboratory for the Communication of Physical Sciences of the Physics Department of the University of Trento, it has been pursuing ideas and projects dedicated to the communication of science through theatre. The artistic productions born from this popularising perspective involve professional artists, researchers, educators and facilitators to tell, through theatre and performing arts, the human side of science.
With this in mind, in 2016 Arditodesìo devised the Augmented Lectures, outreach experiences that feature scientists and artists simultaneously on stage. This format has been recognised as a powerful tool for educational innovation by important international cultural and scientific institutions, such as Creative Europe and the jury of the CULTIVATING CURIOSITY Bronze Award, at the Reimagine Education 2016 conference.

Since 2017, in collaboration with the University of Trento and the Opera Universitaria, Arditodesìo has been organising and producing the Teatro della Meraviglia Festival (www.teatrodellameraviglia.it): a dynamic container of theatrical-science experiences, offering the public the best productions and experiences in the field of science communication through the performing arts.


Arditodesìo, in collaboration with the Laboratory for the Communication of Physical Sciences of the University of Trento, won a prestigious Creative Europe call for proposals in 2020 with the CURIOUS project, an acronym for "Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science".
During the two years of the project, Arditodesìo (lead partner) and the partners will create Augmented Lectures, theatrical and artistic performances that will be presented during Theatre of Wonder festivals in four different European countries.

EUREKArt - Communicating European Science Research Knowledge through Arts is an Erasmus + project within the Partnership for Creativity and aims to develop innovative content and tools for science education (STEM fields), actively involving students. As part of this project, Arditodesìo has developed pedagogical and scientific storytelling paths using theatre techniques.

A project in partnership with the Fondazione Bruno Kessler involving six Trentino secondary schools. The programme includes a seminar phase for the participating classes, followed by a reworking of the concepts learnt and a scientific communication work for their peers in the form of a theatrical text, graphic novel and short film.

ONSCI - Science Storytelling Workshop
The "A. Righi" Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Bologna organises the ONSCI summer school, dedicated to university students and young researchers who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in storytelling and narration to be used effectively in their work as researchers and teachers as well as science disseminators.

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